Better Transport

Better Transport

Easy access, environmental concerns and public transport options are all very important to Business North Harbour.

We will actively represent your interests, but also require your input and engagement through all consultation processes concerning the growing infrastructure demands within in the area. 

We work in partnership with Auckland Transport and NZTA amongst others to develop initiatives to ensure that North Harbour remains a desirable place to work, live and relax. In order to actively represent your interests, we need your input and engagement through all consultation processes concerning our area's increasing infrastructure demands. 

We are keen to hear from anyone who may have transport-related information - anything from freight difficulties to yellow lines or congestion. We are here to help with possible solutions to your transport issues. 

Reduce Congestion

Business North Harbour members have reported concerns around congestion in the area. As a result we have introduced, in collaboration with key stakeholders, the following key initiatives.

Traffic Cameras

Traffic cameras are located within the Business Improvement District at key enter and exit points, providing a live feed of real-time traffic conditions you check before you leave home or the office. 

To organise your journey and help you choose the most efficient route, click the location below:

Parking Solutions

The North Harbour area is at near maximum parking capacity due to employment numbers exceeding available parking spaces. Together with Auckland Transport, Business North Harbour is working to find solutions for local businesses with employees who may be leaving home earlier to beat the rush and find a car park. Here are a few options for you:

  • Use public transport - contact us as we have a limited 2 week FREE trial* with AT HOP.
  • Carpooling.
  • Finding other available car parks - ask surrounding businesses if they have available space.
  • Cycling.
  • Walking.
  • Investing in a scooter or motorbike.

*Contact Sarah for your AT HOP card (terms and conditions apply):

Remember you won't just be saving money - you'll be more environmentally friendly too!

Safety and Access

This area of Business North Harbour’s operations affects everyone working, living, visiting or studying within the North Harbour Business Improvement District. 

Ease of access is a main focus of Business North Harbour, as we aim to improve access to and from the industrial estate. We will continue to advocate on your behalf, and work with Auckland Transport and NZTA to develop comprehensive plans for main arterial routes such as Constellation Drive, Rosedale Road and Apollo Drive. 

We aim to gain understanding of the mid-term to long-term plans for these routes so that businesses and property owners can plan with confidence, and there is minimal impact on their day-to-day operations. 

To read more about submissions that we have made to Auckland Transport please see documents below:

Road Updates

  • Road Closures and Updates are regularly posted to our news page

Current Projects

  • Park ’n’ Ride overflow: Discussions are underway with Auckland Transport and Parkway businesses. Business North Harbour has conducted bus patron surveys. 
  • SH1 & Upper Harbour Highway Upgrade.
  • Constellation Drive.
    • Eastbound: Signage highlighting that the Clearway only applies from 7am-9am.
    • Westbound: Increase clearway area from 4pm-6pm.
    • Traffic Lights: Change of sequence at peak times to be reviewed.
  • Tawa Drive: Clearway has been approved by Auckland Transport-contractors to complete.
  • Douglas Alexander Parade
    • ​9 Douglas Alexander Parade: Approved by Auckland Transport to replace street surface-contractors to complete.
    • 13 Douglas Alexander Parade:  Yellow lines approved by Auckland Transport-to be completed in April.
  • Apollo Drive: Two options for pedestrian crossings - Auckland Transport reviewing.
  • Rosedale & Triton Intersection: Auckland Transport to conduct a survey.
  • Omega Drive: General speeding and 'boy racers' over the weekends-Auckland Transport currently reviewing, and will conduct a survey.

Completed Projects

  • Apollo Drive, Arrenway Drive and Orbit Drive: Safety concern and emergency vehicle accessibility at roundabouts - Yellow lines completed.
  • Piermark Drive: Containers and trailers left on road have been removed and the area will be monitored.
  • Ceres Court: Real estate signs that were reducing visibility have been removed.

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